Utopias for Istanbul

“Utopias for Istanbul” adlı yayında, İstanbul için üretilen ütopya ve düşünceler eskiz formatında aktarılıyor.

Architects from various countries around the world met in Istanbul for an international symposium. Some of these architects knew Istanbul very well, others were making their first visit to the city. This was a working group whose aim was to think about Istanbul and generates ideas on the subject. The participants had begun their mental preparations regarding Istanbul from very outset, already producing ideas on the first day. The presentations and tours made during the course of the symposium gave everyone the chance to remember or get to know the city and come up with fresh ideas. The workshop saw brainstorming, discussion and sketching that put ideas on paper. The topic of this workshop was Utopias for Istanbul.

Book: Murat Soygenis (Introduction by ), Peter Cook (Sketches by), Utopias for Istanbul , Aracne editrice, Rome (Italy), April 2011 (ISBN: 978-88-548-4016-4, 14.5×18.5 cm, 92 pages)

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